Proposal Guidelines

Eligible Projects

  • Projects supporting the development of science and technology
  • Projects contributing significantly to the development of science and technology
  • Scholarly activities and public relations
  • Cultural and fellowship activities for KSEA members
  • Projects supporting student member activities

Eligible Projects

Any KSEA Chapter or a Korean-American professional society which wishes to apply for financial support should submit a proposal using this proposal submission system. No proposals will be accepted unless it conforms to these guidelines. All proposals should be submitted at least two months in advance of the prospective event date.

The proposal will be evaluated and the size of funding will be determined by considering the following;

1.Technical excellences of the program

2.KSEA membership status

  1. The number of paid members in the previous (45th admin) term*
  2. The number of paid members in the current (46th admin) term*
  3. The number of paid members that will be derived by the event
  4. Previous KSEA support (if there was any) in the current term to the requesting organization
  5. Projects supporting student member activities

To encourage the membership drive efforts, additional bonus funding will be provided when 2.c or more new or renewal KSEA members are observed upon the conclusion of the event.

* 2.a and 2.b can be verified by CPs and APS presidents at their KSEA member page.

** Regional conferences require to show that at least 30% of participants are from outside of the hosting chapter.

Once the funding is approved,75% of the approved amount will be supported in advance and the remaining 25% will be provided after submission of the report(along with itemized receipts) within 2 weeks after the event. An article of the event(if supported more than $1,000) is requested.

The article (summary and photo) regarding the event which is supported equal or more than $1,000 should be published in the KSEA Newsletter. However, the article submission would be optional for the smaller event which is supported less than $1,000.

For further details, please contact - ED (

Membership Drive Events Proposal Form

Once logged-in, every proposal is reviewed by the Executive Committee of KSEA.

Guidelines to submit proposals

  1.   Go to 'Proposal Submission' tab.
  2.   Login with KSEA ID and password.
  3.   Click 'Submit Now' button (green).
  4.   Fill out the proposal information and upload a proposal form (doc).
  5.   Click 'Save' button (green)

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